Bibacity Map of London

This is my mission, to make a map of all the good and interesting pubs in London, or anything else which might interest the more serious beer drinker.It will take a while, but I’ve often wanted something like this to highlight the different and decent pubs in London, because, unfortunately, there are so many standard pubs and bars.

Red markers are pubs which either have good real ale or craft beer, or are worth a visit for some other reason (interesting decor, history, location etc).

Orange markers are for brewpubs.

Yellow markers are breweries.

Green markers are shops that sell interesting beers.

It is very much a work in progress, so please do let me know of any additions. This will take a while but it’ll be worth it. And the journey will be very enjoyable!

Also try the Dark Star Beerfinder, for pubs that have their brews. And if they have Dark Star, they’ll probably have other good ‘uns too.


2 thoughts on “Bibacity Map of London

  1. Theresa Sparg

    Looking good Phil….:) ❤

  2. For the love of beer, what effort! I applaud your effort, sir.

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