So, as the title suggests, this is about beer. Specialist beer, interesting beer, real beer, different beer. Just like any other beer lover, I love trying new beers, and I’m lucky enough to live in London where real ale, specialist beer shops and craft pubs are fairly widespread. But still I feel I haven’t really scratched the surface of the grassroots beer culture that seems to be growing at the moment.

My interest in beer has been building for a while now, but I wanted to start documenting it – my experiences and my discoveries.
And my love is not just the beer itself but the culture around it – pubs, labels, branding etc (I’m also a bottle cap collector, which has the unfortunate effect of making me try beers with caps I don’t have, rather than on taste…). I often take my dad and brother on pub crawls around London to show them interesting pubs and bars, and love the feeling of showing someone a new beer or pub even more than discovering it myself.

This will generally be about craft beer and real ale in London, simply because that’s where I live. Britain is a big place and I have no hope of covering beer culture in any depth across the country, so I’ll stick to the pubs I can go to easily to try their wares.

I’ll endeavour to keep this about the beer and things relating to it, and I hope you’ll find it interesting and enlightening. At least, in parts.


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