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What with being away over Christmas and then having to look for a flat, I havent had a chance to taste my homebrews in a while. And, to be honest, I wasn’t completely looking forward to cracking any open – I just didn’t know if I could handle the disappointment of a bad beer. Thankfully, and rather surprisingly, I was pretty pleased with the brews. I think it helped a lot that I had significantly lowered my expectations this time…and the extra time in the bottles. I should have taken pics but I was too distracted by the fact that the beers were drinkable, to be honest.

The cascade hopped pale ale (from a Coopers APA kit) still had a slight sickly malty aftertase but it had mellowed a lot and made it much more drinkable. It poured a clear, light amber, the citrus/floral nose hitting you as you lift the glass to drink. And that’s the first taste too,  gently sliding to a biscuity middle with a bitter finish. I had a few of these and enjoyed them all.

Next I tried the “witbier” (made from a Coopers Wheat kit with some orange and coriander additions) which I had the lowest hopes for. The OG was too low before we pitched the yeast and, novices that we are, we didn’t try to fix it. I tried this before Christmas and the overwhelming taste to me was “watery”. Still, ice cold from the garage it poured a slightly hazy golden colour, with a decent head. Yes it’s low in alcohol (a smidge over 3%) but as a session beer on a hot day (when those rarities do happen over here) it would actually be pretty decent. Very light in flavour, it was more like a light wit lager. There was a hint of banana from the yeast and a tangeriney tang from the oranges. Very pleasant and refreshing, so said all who tried it.

Finally, the porter. Although at 6.5%, it’s probably more of a stout. Who knows. My first taste of this at bottling was overwhelmingly boozy, and very sherry-like. This made me worry that it might have been ruined by poor cooling techniques. However, the alcohol was well hidden in this dark, roasted, slightly chocolatey and brownie tinged brew. I was very pleased. Very pleased indeed. Not much in the way of tasting notes as I had already had quite a few beers by the time I plucked up the courage to open one of these, but good and drinkable. A little thin on mouthfeel, I remember, and a very slight sour aftertaste. That’s just coming back to me now so not sure how accurate that actually is. Alan (that’s my father-in-law), that gives you the all clear to have your bottle. Put it in the fridge for a couple of hours to chill a bit and it should be lovely. Perfect for that “winter” weather over in Thailand.

Quite a novelty for me to get drunk on home made alcohol. I look forward to doing it again soon. What I have learned from this is firstly, read a book on brewing before you start brewing. Every page I turn in How To Brew, I curse myslef for not having read it before I started. That said, these are all better than I thought they’d be, so just leave it in the bottle for another few weeks and it’ll probably taste better.

So that’s the latest formn Evans & Sons Brewing Co. Before we do another batch, I think we need a boiler to do full wort boils, and a wort chiller. So, no more homebrews for a month or so…by which time we’ll probably be nearly out of these three. As long as we have a few to drink while we brew then next batch, it’ll be fine.

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3 thoughts on “The Homebrews News

  1. Alan

    Great, thanks for the “green light”on the porter, I will put it in the fridge now & cool for a few days…can’t wait to taste it!

    The cooler weather in Thailand did not make it into February, started warming up already!

  2. Theresa Sparg

    Love the way you write Phil….makes for ‘delectable’ reading. Mmmm so by the time we visit in June next year you will have perfected the Evans brew 🙂

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