A Landmark Sunday

Today was a momentous day. First off, we bottled our first home brew. We had a cheeky taste before it went into the bottles and it tasted surprisingly good! The cascade hops gave it a wonderful citrus, fruity nose, and came through in the aftertaste too. There was something a little amiss in first taste on the tongue but hopefully that will settle down in secondary in the bottles. We’ll give it a few weeks and then try again, but I’m very hopeful.

Secondly, we put our second batch of home brew into the fermenter. We did the Cooper’s wheat kit that came with the starter pack, but boiled up some orange peel and ground coriander, then stepped some spicy Saaz hops and added that to the fermenter. Hopefully that will give it a little Hoegaarden/Blue Moon vibe. The wort had a slight orangy bitterness in the background that was nice, but let’s see how it develops in the bucket.

And thirdly, today was my mum’s birthday. And to celebrate, my brother and I cooked a 5.5kg fore-rib of beef, roast potatoes, glazed carrots, Yorkshire pud, bacon braised cabbage and sherry-glazed parsnips with chestnuts. It was awesome. The meat was perfectly pink, the Yorkshire reached the top of the oven and the roasties were deliciously crisp. It flattened us all. And the Kernel porter I was supping during the cooking and the meal was a splendid accompaniment. A lovely, warming winter Sunday. Now, how long can we wait until we crack the first bottle of home brew…

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