South African Beers

I am a pretty frequent visitor to South Africa as my wife is South African, and there is nothing quite like a crisp, cold lager on a hot afternoon in front of a braai. My personal preferences of all that I have tried are Windhoek Draught (technically from Namibia) and Hansa. Both are light and hoppy – my favourite description for any beer! That’s me sucking on a Windhoek Draught at the mother in law’s place, a beautiful sunset through a Hansa on the Wild Coast, and finally my brother with a LARGE Castle in a bar in Port Elizabeth. I’m not a huge fan of Castle, but it is the quintessential South African beer.

There are some craft breweries popping up now too, especially in Cape Town. I haven’t tried any of their brews, simply didn’y know they were there last time I was over there, but I’d love to hear from anyone who has been to any, or tried anything interesting. It’s always exciting to find out about new little breweries popping up, trying something new.

I am also quite partial to a Hunters Dry or Savannah Dry, both nice, light and very refreshing ciders. The ideal first drink of the day, especially when you feel a little tender. And you can get Savannah over here very easily now, you’ll find it in most major supermarkets. Definitely worth a try on a hot afternoon, if we have any more of those this year..

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